About Me

Hey there.

If you're here, it's probably because you're interested in learning a bit more about me. I won't hold it against you, but you might want to pull up a seat.


My name is Mitch Donaberger, and I am a creative director, designer and marketer based out of Philadelphia, PA. I grew up here (in Delaware County, if you're from the area), but I moved to Pittsburgh in 2006 to attend college. I ended up getting a job at a then-global ad agency named Mullen during my sophomore year, which resulted in my face-forward tumble into the advertising and design industries.

I've had a really weird and topsy-turvy career which has led me to work for everyone from the City of Pittsburgh and its many cultural society grants to medical startups out of India to running the PR department for a 120-location franchise chain, all the way down to running a creative department for Market Resource Partners, building a business from a $25,000 / year department to one that turned over $500,000 / year in just two years' time.


It took an awful long time and one bizarrely coiled path to get there, but I realized in 2008 that what made me the happiest was making pictures. I had been a photographer, a social media writer and manager, a blogger, a dishwasher, an illustrator and a freelance journalist for several years in college, doing comic strips and making a little money here and there. It wasn't until I was out of school and in a proper agency environment that I had realized that creating things was my calling.

So, I started over. My client, Saladworks, liked me so much, they hired me. I didn't actually want to leave Pittsburgh at the time. I was living in a converted factory apartment in a small town just outside Pittsburgh city limits, and having the time of my life, and everything was finally shaping up my way. To try and politely turn down my client's offer, I highballed them, hoping they'd get the hint. But they didn't, and agreed anyway.

With a 103 F fever and 2 days to pack my entire life up and move across the state, I pulled it off, and settled in Manayunk in Philadelphia. I helped Saladworks run a few major things - namely, I ran the principal sponsorship of that year's Race for the Cure for Susan G. Komen Foundation in Philadelphia. Being led up onto a stage full of Philadelphia's wealthiest and most important socialites was a strange feeling. Meeting the mayor, and being on all 4 broadcast TV stations was weird. But cool.


Later, I took advantage of a crux in Saladworks' development and moved on to Market Resource Partners , where I built a department from 3 total employees (including the director) to one that defined the company and held over 35 full-time employees. Baptism by fire is too friendly of a phrase to describe the pain. But I came out fresher, stronger, and more capable.


My goal is simply to create. I want to solve problems for common people. I want an opportunity to keep focusing on making design so good, nobody ever mentions it by name.

Anyway, that's me. I can't tell you how excited I am to meet you, too.