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My Work

Welcome to my portfolio!

I support content, brand, video, social, events, employee branding, and motion graphics. I also build my own tools, train my own AI models, and deploy my own cloud infra.

What is listed here represents a quick smattering of my favorite projects, so if you're interested in seeing my full portfolio, click here.

Feel free to contact me here if you want to hear more about a specific project or medium.

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2022 - Present
Art Director, Cloud


  • Responsible for the creative output for Akamai's cloud arm, following acquisition of Linode.
  • Oversee a team of two designers, each specializing on cloud illustration and content design, respectively.
  • Focused on creating 10 original illustrations per month to populate reference pages with gorgeous and cogent diagrams.
  • Compose customized swag kits for events. Includes a t-shirt, stickers, and content. Occasionally includes unique giveaways, fun booth experiences, or key-turning room drops.
  • Established a tool-assisted process to achieve a display advertisement production cadence of 200 fresh units per month.
  • Manage a private print marque, producing dozens of 50-200 page eBooks per year, accelerated with an optimized, custom-built template system.
  • Introduced and maintained a marketing automation solution that sped time-to-market up by 500%.
  • Produced bespoke presentation assets for executive leadership, typically meant for board or media consumption.



2019 - 2022
Creative Director


  • Oversaw Linode's entire creative output, managing everything from brand management, to event creative, to video production, to UX/UI development for Linode Cloud Manager.
  • Fleshed out an Enterprise-quality brand from scratch, ultimately resulting in $900 million acquisition from Akamai.
  • Established deeply robust creative production pipeline built on JIRA, enabled by custom automation.
  • Over several years, Our team created and shipped nearly 4,000 original design pieces distributed across t-shirts, event backdrops, paper products, stickers, water bottles, signage, airplane banners, Chap-Stick, and more. Chances are, if you own a piece of Linode swag, I made it.
  • Created and illustrated Linny, the official Linode mascot. We produced two runs of Linny plushies, which I designed in partnership with Erick Scarecrow of ESC Toy.
  • Developed and maintained 12 sub-brands for vertical marketing.
  • Part of the UI/UX development team for Cloud Manager, Linode's service GUI. My team focused on brand integration following a product refactor, launched in 2018.



2014 - 2015
Creative Strategist

2015 - 2018
Creative Director


  • Began at Market Resource Partners as a Creative Strategist, single-handedly writing, designing, and programming over 500 email campaigns.
  • Progressed to Creative Director, overseeing the production of the agency's highly-performant direct mail campaign program.
  • Full design services, client services, and pitch management. Produced nearly 6,000 creative projects in 4 years. This covers direct mail, landing page design and development, door-opener campaigns, events, swag, and more.
  • Rebuilt the UI and UX for Prelytix, Market Resource Partners' core product.
  • All prepress, all project intake, all brainstorming, and all client presentation. In short, I was the first person clients talk to, and the last one they talk to.
  • Managed a small team of designers and contractors operating remotely from offices in the United States, Nicaragua, Northern Ireland, Poland, Hong Kong, and Japan.
  • Responsible for producing 20 custom-designed, high-impact door-opener campaigns for clients such as LexisNexis, Cisco, Verizon, and Commvault.
  • Successfully managed the brands of over 200 top tech brands, working closely with their internal brand teams for success.


In 2023, I was approached by a former client at the Linux Foundation, and asked to help brand a new tech startup focused on the management of single-board computers. The client selected the name 'Atym', and we spent a month building an identity suitable for pitching investors. Wordtype was hand-rendered with an existing font as a reference.

Reel Revival

In 2022, a friend and frequent collaborator reached out to me to help with the branding for a film capturing and restoration company. I wanted things to feel reminiscent of old media itself, so l incoporated a lot of details like references to the boxes for blank VHSes, as well as 1970s stencil type. Visit their website here.


An upcoming federated social media network, Pinetta. Meant to function similarly to popular image pinboards. I composed the logo, wordmark, and branding.

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