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My name is Mitch Donaberger, and I'm a 30-something Creative Director and Illustrator living in Philadelphia, PA. I have been working in the Design industry for 10+ years, focused mostly on supporting the world's largest technology brands, such as Linode (where I am currently in residence), the Linux Foundation, Supermicro, DellEMC, PureStorage, Cisco, HPE, LexisNexis, Elsevier, and many more.

You can send me an email at

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💪 I am...

  • a designer
  • an illustrator
  • a veteran creative director
  • a veteran creative strategist
  • an avid bicyclist
  • a lifelong nerd
  • a friend of the Wissahickon
  • Stuff I've Done:

  • Free Baha'i Resources
  • Fun Projects
  • Art Gallery
  • Select Work